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Ruby Dickson at NiCOLETTi

At a time of collective grief, despair and misery, the criticism of innocuous visual culture or celebrity doesn't even feel indulgent anymore. It doesn't feel guilt-inducing, either. In a numbing sense, it simply feels part of the matrix of issues that exacerbates the devastations of the world. These things are bigger than all of us. but there are often players in the realm of popular culture who act as neat distractions. So it is with that in mind that I look to Ruby Dickson's exhibition, Maybe my fairy-tale has a different ending than I dreamed it would. But that's okay. Hosted at NiCOLETTi in East London, the show has a very simple premise: the artist has produced paintings of paparazzi shots of Kim Kardashian. NiCOLETTi are known for grandiose installations and exhibitions within their adapted warehouse space; their previous show of works by Tyler Eash was incredible, absorbing, immersive, genuinely thought-provoking. By contrast, Dickson's exhibition of paintin

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