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The Shoe Museum at Outhouse Gallery

There is something special about tiny exhibitions. Taking place in hidden parts of the city, often where people are passing by, unaware, in obscure or private-appearing spaces. These exhibitions have the potential to produce an atmosphere that transcends the artworks. It is the role of the curator(s) to locate and expose the synergy between space and object. Over in Camberwell in south London, exhibitions don't get much smaller than those taking place in Outhouse Gallery, a former toilet block in Brunswick Park. It is in a largely residential area, a spot that has been in a tug-of-war between gentrification and working class community for a long time; a stone's throw from the former residence of Boris Johnson, and an area Foxtons would most certainly describe as "leafy". Despite these tensions, Outhouse Gallery seems to fit into this dynamic well, and it is here that we find the exhibition The Shoe Museum . Installation view:  The Shoe Museum,  Outhouse Gallery, Londo

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