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Morgane Billuart at Gianni Manhattan, Vienna

Social media navigation is a game. Was it ever anything but a game? It is now additionally, undoubtedly, a marketplace, and it feels like a form of Stockholm Syndrome to involve oneself with the rigmarole at all. Those who claim not to use social media are becoming few and far between, and this is especially unfeasible for freelancers. Promoting oneself on social media is, indeed, a rite of passage; one utterly saturated in cringe and gritted teeth, but a rite of passage nonetheless. The price we pay for this promotion is not clear, and will vary from person to person. A method I might find to be unbearable, self-aggrandising or cheap, might feel strictly necessary for another independent worker (and vice versa). Installation view: Morgane Billuart, The Trade, 2024. Short film, 13'58. Gianni Manhattan, Vienna. Image courtesy of the gallery. These ideas are a starting point for the video work The Trade by Taipei-based artist Morgane Billuart, being shown at Gianni Manhattan in Vienn

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