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Korakrit Arunanondchai at Carlos/Ishikawa

Standpoint Gallery: Michael Peel 'States of Fear' (until 8th December 2018)

Vanessa Billy at Assembly Point

Paris Internationale 2018

Tamsin Snow at Block 336

Morag Keil at Project Native Informant

Mission to Touch the Sun Part 2 at Enclave Lab

Highlights from Whitechapel Gallery: The London Open 2018 (until 26th August 2018)

Fatal Attraction at Thames-Side Studios Gallery

Flipside at Fold Gallery

Joey Holder at Matt's Gallery

Spotlight on Free Range: Art Week (until 9th July 2018)

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery: Hypnagogia (until 4th August 2018)

Jose Carlos Naranjo at SCAN Project Room

Katharina Grosse at Gagosian

Taisuke Koyama at Seen Fifteen

Rodeo Gallery: Apostolos Georgiou 'From My Heart' (until 16th June 2018)