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Annka Kultys Gallery: Molly Soda 'From My Bedroom to Yours' (until 16th January 2016)

Hales Gallery: Rachael Champion, Agnes Denes, Rachel Pimm (until 18th December 2015)

PHOS Art + Design: Dominic Harris 'Moments of Reflection' (until 11th November 2015)

Tiwani Contemporary: Theo Eshetu 'Constellations' (until 31st October 2015)

Campoli Presti: John Miller 'Counterpublics' (until 4th October 2015)

Menier Gallery: Force of Nature (until 29th August 2015)

Victoria Miro Gallery: Doug Aitken (until 31st July 2015)

L'√Čtrang√®re Gallery: Emma Hart and Jonathan Baldock 'SUCKERZ' (until 1st August 2015)

CGP Dilston Grove: Between Thought and Space (until 7th June 2015)

Domobaal Gallery: Emma Talbot 'Step Inside Love' (until 6th June 2015)

Kashya Hildebrand Gallery: Lalla Essaydi 'The Dangerous Frontier' (until 5th June 2015)

Tate Modern: Marlene Dumas 'The Image as Burden' (until 10th May 2015)

Carroll/Fletcher: Helen Carmel Benigson 'Anxious, Stressful, Insomnia, Fat' (until 21st February 2015)