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Lyst Studios: 15Folds 'Everything All At Once' (until 29th May 2014)

The Vaults Gallery: Charlie Tuesday Gates 'The Museum House of Death' (until 21st June 2014)

Cubitt Gallery:The Shape of a Right Statement (until 25th May 2014)

Anise Gallery: Drawing on Architecture (until 25th May 2014)

Studio 1.1: Alexander Buhler 'Archetypes and Lines' (until 25th May 2014)

Display Gallery: Need You 100% (until 2nd June 2014)

Knight Webb Gallery: Juliane Hundertmark 'Strange Animals' (until 31st May 2014)

Unit 24 Gallery: Standing on the Frontier Volume 2 (until 8th May 2014)