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Marlborough Contemporary: Charlie Roberts 'Juicy' (until 14th January 2017)

Marsden Woo Gallery: Emma Woffenden 'Play-Fight' (until 5th January 2017)

Skarstedt: Cindy Sherman and David Salle 'History Portraits and Tapestry Paintings' (until 26th November 2016)

Simon Lee Gallery: Toby Ziegler 'Post-Human Paradise' (until 12th November 2016)

Lychee One: Marlene Steyn 'You Can't Cry When Your Head is Underwater' (until 12th November 2016)

Limoncello Gallery: Alice Browne 'Forecast' (until 5th November 2016)

Carlos/Ishikawa: Darja Bajagić 'Nobody Knows I'm Funny' (until 29th October 2016)

Rowing Projects: When U Instagram My Dead Body, Use Walden But Tag It #NoFilter (until 5th November 2016)

Transition Gallery: Isolation Chamber Vacation (until 2nd October 2016)

Sid Motion Gallery: Morgan Wills '12 Conversations' (until 17th September 2016)

APT Gallery: Ingredients, Method, Serving Suggestion (until 11th September 2016)

Charlie Smith London: Wendy Mayer 'Curious Room' (until 30th July 2016)

Ben Brown Fine Arts: Ron Arad 'Summer Exhibition' (until 26th September 2016)

Herald St: Nick Relph (until 24th July 2016)

Maureen Paley: Wolfgang Tillmans (until 7th August 2016)

October Gallery: Govinda Sah 'Azad' 'Boundless Possibilities' (until 25th June 2016)