National Portrait Gallery: Bob Dylan 'Face Value' (until 5th January 2014)

Alongside the numerous exhibitions and displays the National Portrait Gallery, WC2, has to offer, there is currently a collection of portraiture by singer, Bob Dylan. Visitors are informed that although Dylan is an 'important cultural figure', this is the first public exhibition of his artwork. The room holding his work is painted grey, illuminating the tone of the sketches that lie within the room.

The citation tells us further that the 'Face Value' sketches are based on a combination of people he has met and emotions, and have been named accordingly. His use of dark, dominant charcoal is the motif throughout the collection, which produces a melancholic image which is startlingly true to life, beyond the immediate visual impact.

The harrowing, sketchy eyes tell their own story as the portraits come together as a whole collection as well as having individual value.

Although a small selection of pieces, 'Face Value' is a concentrated collection which is not burdened, if you like, by the monumental fame of its artist.

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