Salisbury Cathedral: Helaine Blumenfeld OBE (until 8th September 2013)

Let's Make Lots of Monet was lucky enough to have a brief change de paysage last week, and wound up visiting Salisbury Cathedral. Little did I know that International Sculpture Prize winner, Helaine Blumenfeld, currently has a temporary exhibit within its grounds. As an abstract sculptor, Blumenfeld is quite a controversial choice for a cathedral, especially as Salisbury is medieval, one may expect something more conservative. Pictured is a photograph I took myself of her 'Espirit' piece, which is located directly outside the entrance of the cathedral.

Something I wholeheartedly appreciate about abstract sculpture is the ability for the viewer to develop their own interpretation. Unlike many other media, the marble sculpture allows viewers to include their sense of touch to attempt to see inside the mind of the artist and, ultimately, perceive the piece in a way that is entirely unique to the individual. What an incredible achievement for an artist!

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